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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a series of slow controlled movements primarily to strengthen the core muscles that stabilise and support the spine, realign the body and correct postural problems.  It is the safest way to exercise and is suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness. Pilates brings mind and body together, focusing on concentration, balance, precision, and breathing. 

Who can benefit from Pilates?

EVERYONE can benefit from Pilates!!

Why should I do Pilates?

Pilates develops the body uniformly, corrects posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.  - Joseph Pilates

I believe Pilates is something everyone should be doing, whether you combine it with another form of exercise or just do Pilates.

Pilates has so many benefits! It is your strength and flexibility training in all in one and it will improve your mobility and muscle tone, giving you stronger leaner limbs.

Pilates is also a great mental workout and stress buster. It requires intense focus and concentration to make sure that each move is done correctly with control.

Pilates is the whole package: strength, mental and mobility work, plus it will make you sweat and shake you to the core! With regular practice, you will feel fabulous and look pretty fabulous too!

What should I expect from a Quinn Pilates Class?

Each class is 45 minutes long. Each class will be different, but all will consist a range of mobility work, strength work, and of course - lots of working that core!

Quinn Pilates classes are suitable for all abilities as I give different levels for each exercise. Some classes are more suitable for beginners but all classes will challenge you, as even the simplest of moves can be a challenge if done with thought and control.

As well as toning, improving strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture, you're guaranteed to feel less stressed and have an uplifting sense of well-being at the end of every class.

How much is a Pilates class?

Classes can be paid on a block booking basis of £36 for 6 weeks (£6.00 per class) or drop in payment of £7.00 per class.

What should I wear for a Pilates class?

You should wear soft, comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. Footwear is not worn during the sessions - you can either go barefoot or wear socks if you prefer (if you do wear socks non-slip ones are a good idea). Layers and thicker socks are good in the winter months.

Do I need a mat?

If you do have an exercise mat, please bring it along. If you’re not sure if Pilates is for you don’t go out and buy one - I do have spares. If you are looking to get a mat, thicker, non-slip mats are better for Pilates as you are sometimes lying on a hard wooden floor.

How can I make sure I get the most out of class?

  • Always get your start/setup position correct.
  • Get the basics right first, don’t rush onto the next level. You will get more out of doing a lower level correct then a harder level incorrect.
  • Slow down, don’t rush through the moves. Pilates is slow and controlled, faster doesn’t mean better, sometimes the slower you go the harder it can be.
  • Focus on what you are doing and what you are aiming to get from each exercise, whether it’s not allowing the rib cage to lift or engaging that core.
  • If you're not sure if something is right, just ask.